Julio Bashmore - Au Seve

Julio Bashmore’s been putting out some of the most exciting stuff in house for a while now and new track ‘Au Seve’ does little to disprove the general feeling that Julio Bashmore is one of the best producers around at the moment. Released on his newly created Boardwalk Records ‘Au Seve’ makes use of a propulsive, cut up vocal sample and hypnotic synth melodies. Well worth checking out.

Port St. Willow - Holiday

I don’t know what ‘Holiday’ by Port St. Willow is actually about but my lord I know it’s lovely. From the atmospheric introductory noise track to the haunting swirls of delayed guitar which close the album ‘Holiday’ succeeds in creating an album which is both ambient and interesting enough to hold the listeners attention. Recalling most strongly The Antlers (indeed Port St. Willow recently receiving a ringing endorsement from the band) debut ‘Hospice’ and Bon Iver’s self titled record, ‘Holiday’ utilises often unintelligible (in a good, as opposed to irritating, manner) falsetto vocals over layered beds of reverb and delay soaked guitars and ambient synths, with sparse drumming. This is highly, highly recommended.

FFO: The Antlers, Bon Iver, Low Level Owl era Appleseed Cast, Youth Lagoon.

Tellison - Freud Links The Teeth and The Heart

Indie-Pop Perennials Tellison are back again with new single ‘Freud Links The Teeth and The Heart’ and it’s quite frankly lovely.Not much more to say about it really, just listen and enjoy it yeah?

FFO: Stapleton, Algiers, Joie De Vivre.

Shoes and Socks Off - Tork Sport

I saw Shoes and Socks Off a couple of months ago and he played this song by himself on his acoustic guitar and was mildly impressed. This version is a lot better. I mean yeah it sounds like post-Kid A Radiohead, but we’re over that yeah? I mean especially when it’s as good as this? Deal? Deal. The video’s pretty cool too…

Death Rattle - Do As You Please

So here’s the new video from electro-doom two piece Death Rattle. It’s not quite as creepy as The Dig video which we featured a while back but it’s equally captivating. Do As You Please features a similarly off kilter, dark sound to The Dig and puts Helen’s vocals front and centre, which as fans of That Mouth can tell you is no bad thing. Just waiting for the album now…

Hop Along - Tibetan Pop Stars

So Hop Along are the newest signing to Algernon Cadwallader’s Hot Green Records and their new album ‘Get Disowned’ was produced by Algernon guitarist Joe Reinhardt. You expecting something twinkly? Well yeah that’s not what Hop Along are like. Tibetan Pop Stars features crushing distorted guitars, pounding drums, slyly placed strings (I’m looking at you middle-8) and altogether resemble a countrified, American Joy Formidable. Highly recommended.

FFO: The State Lottery, The Sidekicks, The Joy Formidable.

King Felix - Spring 01

'Confrontational' music usually conjures up images of angry youths making a loud abrasive noise, usually with shouting/loud guitars/screamed vocals (delete as applicable). It takes something a bit more nuanced to be confrontational without any of those elements. 'Spring 01' manages to do this with a foreboding organ loop which skips around a beat which, like the melody, never really resolves building tension up as it goes. Ruddy marvelous.

Sigur Ros - Valtari

Good news for post-rock fans, Sigur Ros have announced their new album Valtari will be released on May 28th and alongside this announcement have upload a video of what we can only assume to be one of the album tracks to their website. True to form it ticks the orchestral, falsetto-vocals, ambient and epicly (? not a really word is it…) uplifting boxes which a Sigur Ros song kind of has to. CHECK IT OUT HERE:

Jai Paul - Jasmine

DAYUM. This track is nasty. Good nasty that is. Throbbing bass, whispered falsetto vocals, looping and layering into a gloriously gloopy mess by the end. Bodes well for what’ll come next.

Japandroids - The House That Heaven Built

Well this song is just perfect. Post-Nothing was one of the best albums of 2009, 2 dudes who (from my 17 year old perspective) seemed far too old to be reasonably articulating what being 17 feels like. ‘The House That Heaven Built’ sounds like Japandroids did before just a shitload better. Now it would be silly to judge an album off of one single (last time I did that was ‘Under Cover of Darkness’ and Angles as we all know was a crock of shite) but if this and ‘Younger Us’ are anything to go Celebration Rock will be an absolute belter.