Death Rattle - Do As You Please

So here’s the new video from electro-doom two piece Death Rattle. It’s not quite as creepy as The Dig video which we featured a while back but it’s equally captivating. Do As You Please features a similarly off kilter, dark sound to The Dig and puts Helen’s vocals front and centre, which as fans of That Mouth can tell you is no bad thing. Just waiting for the album now…

King Felix - Spring 01

'Confrontational' music usually conjures up images of angry youths making a loud abrasive noise, usually with shouting/loud guitars/screamed vocals (delete as applicable). It takes something a bit more nuanced to be confrontational without any of those elements. 'Spring 01' manages to do this with a foreboding organ loop which skips around a beat which, like the melody, never really resolves building tension up as it goes. Ruddy marvelous.

Jai Paul - Jasmine

DAYUM. This track is nasty. Good nasty that is. Throbbing bass, whispered falsetto vocals, looping and layering into a gloriously gloopy mess by the end. Bodes well for what’ll come next.