Port St. Willow - Holiday

I don’t know what ‘Holiday’ by Port St. Willow is actually about but my lord I know it’s lovely. From the atmospheric introductory noise track to the haunting swirls of delayed guitar which close the album ‘Holiday’ succeeds in creating an album which is both ambient and interesting enough to hold the listeners attention. Recalling most strongly The Antlers (indeed Port St. Willow recently receiving a ringing endorsement from the band) debut ‘Hospice’ and Bon Iver’s self titled record, ‘Holiday’ utilises often unintelligible (in a good, as opposed to irritating, manner) falsetto vocals over layered beds of reverb and delay soaked guitars and ambient synths, with sparse drumming. This is highly, highly recommended.

FFO: The Antlers, Bon Iver, Low Level Owl era Appleseed Cast, Youth Lagoon.